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Our atelier is perfect for dinners, public speaking events, corporate- and birthday parties. Also for a photo or video / photo content studio with its 6.5! meter high ceiling. 

Surface: 100 m²
Dimensions: 20 x 5 m
Height: 6.5m

Highlights of the Atelier

*high ceiling 6,5 meters!

*stage (for public speaking, Karaoke, DJ or live music performances) 

*on the ground floor

*make as much noise as you want 

*more affordable than RD MADE's Loft 

*perfect party exclusive gallery vibes



General Prices Atelier

for Meetings & Workshops
For 1 day period (4hours): 19,50 per person*
*minimum price of 200,-  
For whole day (8 hours): 39,20 per person*
*minimum price of 350,- 
Luxurious Lunch 21,- per person 

for Parties & Private dinners 
Basic price for loft: 7
Optional additions: catering, seminar setup, DJ, bar and employees

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