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Music Studio


Discover Your Sound

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Unleash Your Talent

Are you ready to amplify your musical journey and transform your passion into an unforgettable experience? Look no further than RDMADE, your ultimate destination for music creation and showcase excellence.

Explore Our Cutting-Edge Music Studio

Why Choose The Sonic Haven?

  1. Professional-Grade Equipment: Unleash your creativity with access a wide range of recording equipment and industry-standard software.

  2. Flexible Studio Spaces: From intimate solo recordings to full-band sessions, our studios cater to all musical aspirations.

  3. Inspiring Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in an environment designed to fuel creativity, with a vibe that resonates with your artistic spirit.

  4. Expert Sound Engineers: Our skilled professionals are dedicated to ensuring your music sounds as incredible as you envision.

  5. Creative community: Joining us gives you access to a whole building filled with aspirational individuals all looking to connect and thrive in their craft.

Daily Studio Rental Offers:

  • 1 hour - 35 euro (excl VAT)

  • Full day (10 hours) - 300 Euro (excl VAT)

(Not including drumkit and live band recording)


  • Access to Studio

  • Access to Terrace

  • Use of the Kitchen

  • Play PlayStation 5

  • Free Coffee + Tea

  • Optional: Use of the Jacuzzi

Full Band Recording With Engineer:

  • 1 hour - 80 euro (excl VAT)

  • Full band Live recording

Record a full band live with our professional  inhouse sound engineer dedicated to giving you the best outcome

Contact us and book now!



Host Unforgettable Music Events in Your Own Showroom

Key Features of Your Personal Showroom:

  1. Versatile Event Space: Tailor the layout to suit your vision, whether it's an intimate acoustic set or a high-energy band performance.

  2. Lighting and Sound: Elevate your live show with audiovisual setup, ensuring a memorable experience for your audience.

  3. Showcase Your Art: Promote your artwork on our spacious walls with QR codes for people to find you.

  4. Host talks to present your ideas: Expose your ideas to the world.

Hire Our Talent

Our in house musicians are available to bring your music to life.

Book an Appointment

Please email us informing us of:

  • When you wish to use the space?

  • How long for?

  • How many people will join?

  • If you need support setting up equipment?

  • If you wish to hire our inhouse team

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