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Workshops & Meetings

Looking for the perfect venue to host your Workshop, Brainstorm-session, Offside Day or Meeting? 

Our bright and intimate spaces are designed to meet all your workshop needs!

You can chose out of our Loft, Atelier or Meeting Room space 


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the Loft

Consisting out of a dining area, the workshop lounge and a 150m2 roof terrace . Comfortable for 5 to 40 people 


Fruit, water, coffee, tea, a healthy snack in the morning and a sweet snack in the afternoon.

Flipboard, Window markers, Notebooks, T.V with USB / HDMI connection.

Prices Loft for Workshops & Meetings:

Per day period (4 to 6 hours): 
25,50 per person*

*A minimum total amount of  300 euros

For a whole day (6 to 8 hours or more):  
45,20 per person*

*A minimum total amount of 500 euros

Different lay-outs for a workshop in the Loft

You can choose from different room layouts. For example, you can choose from:

Living room setting: informal layout with sofa and comfortable chairs

Theater setup: rows of chairs, perfect setup for presentations

Regular workshop setup: half-moon circle with chairs, for more interactive gatherings

Hybrid meeting setting: Ideal setting if people want to call in online, with a display on the screen and a microphone in the middle

Atelier Event Space,
Stage & Bar

Comfortable for 10 to 60 people

For larger presentations or spatial work sessions


Projector, Sound system, Microphones, Stage, Tables,

possibly 60 chairs

Prices Atelier for Workshop & Meetings

Per day period (4 hours): 
21,50 per person*

*A minimum total amount of  200 euros

Per day (6-8 hours):
van 36,20 per person

*A minimum total amount of  350 euros

Different lay-outs for a workshop in the Atelier

You can choose from different room layouts. For example, you can choose from:

Theater setup: rijen met stoelen perfect voor presentaties

Reguliere workshop opstelling: halve maan circel met stoelen

Hybride meeting setting: Ideale setting als mensen online willen inbellen met weergave op scherm en met een microfoon in het midden

Q&A set-up: met een bank op het podium kan er een Q&A gehouden worden. Met een opties om te live streamen vanuit verschillende invalshoeken 


  • Different setups of workshop area are possible, formal or informal. Extra chairs can be provided.

  • Access to 150m2 terrace including sunbathing beds and spots to lunch

  • Access to jacuzzi on terrace on request

  • Jura coffee machine and coffeebeans available

  • Good Wifi plus TV-screen for presentations available. Google Chromecast and USB connection

  • Hybrid meeting possible with extra microphone in the middle of the group

  • Parking free after 6pm on weekdays. Free also in the weekends. 2 permits 

  • Subway station 'van der Madeweg' is a 2 min walk

  • Workshop area space is including a kitchen and terrace of 150m2

  • Comfortable for workshops and trainings up to 30 people, meetings 40 people

Lunch options 

Here is a selection of our lunch options. These versions can also be adjusted in terms of choices and prices. Download the menu here

Beyond Vegetarische Burgers 14,- euro per persoon


Authentic Local Surinam lunch 21,- euro per persoon

Don Alfredo's organic lunch 21 - 25,- euro per persoon