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the sweet memories of
Moroccan Made


On the 14th of July we had our first 6 course fine dining + live music dinner on the rooftop. Morrocan MADE was an amazing evening. We are grateful for all the wonderful feedback. Everyone absolutely loved the six-course Moroccan dishes. The drinks were fantastic too! And Maya Shanti's enchanting singing...


If you haven't seen the pictures yet, have a look here:

Saturday the 9th of September our new dinner is planned: A guide through the beauty of Suriname with all senses! Authentic Surinam food will be served in 6 courses on the beautiful RD Made terrace. We will place a long table on the terrace that could fit up to 50 people. Live music, story telling, meeting new people and the option to dance the night away! 

The Chef: Olivia Read

Olivia Read has her own Surinam restaurant in Bussum where she offers different tasting menus from the Caribbean.


Olivia: "The Surinam kitchen is a very interesting mix of styles originated out of the multicultural society in Suriname. Our food has so much versatility and depth. At the Surinam Made event I would like to show you the real soul of the Surinam food and that it can be served with the respect it deserves"

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